I am a computational artist, technician, and creative educator, specialising in low-power digital photography and interactive fiction games. I make photographic installations and games exploring how technology can be a tool for re-enchanting relationships to the land and to the more-than-human world.

I practically research into environmental justice in tech with the Sustainable Darkroom, Central Saint Martins and occasionally No Tech For Tyrants.

I also work as the specialist technician in Web and Creative Code at Central Saint Martins University and co-run the Physical Computing Workshop with Marguerite Tricaud.
I also help to facilitate digital arts projects with researchers and artists. For example with Transmoderna.

My writing on photography has been published here.
A group project I did on 'Black Box Technologies' has been published here.


At the moment I'm learning about textiles and writing scripts to generate embroidery and knit patterns. I'm hoping to combine analogue image making processes with my digital ones. To help with my image making I'm converting my photographic processes into a web app so I can use them on my phone


If you’d like to work with me then drop me a message at:


You can see outdated my CV via this link