/MarksMade/StainedLand/*.png is a fragmented story that invites viewers to rethink landfill sites as places where new myths are being created by using creative computing methods. A focus is put on two sites. The first is Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe, a community led park on the remnants of the London timber docks and a domestic waste landfill site. The park’s hill was landscaped from rubble and domestic waste excavated from the site. The second is Beddington Farmlands, a new ecological park next to an operating landfill on the fringe of South London. The story tells of the creation and existence of new spirits of the land through the ritual act of preparing landfill sites, referencing the Irish mythological immortal spirits, the Aos Sí, who dwell inside hills, and the formation of earthen long barrows in Neolithic Britain which were ceremonious burial sites (Hutton, 2014). The piece comprises of a series of photos of landfill sites which have been engraved onto the glass of the greenhouse, two written stories presented on an e-reader, durational photography of plants from landfill sites presented on an e-ink screen, and a hypertext piece on another e-ink screen.

The two stories can be found below:

1. Sidher The Truck Driver

2. The Stave Hill Burial Ground

The stories are based on the structure of the Immortals, a series of Irish myths. In these stories someone from the human domain is taken, or falls into the realm of the Aos Sí. During their time with the Aos Sí they learn something about life such that if they return to the human world, their perspective has shifted. (Williams, Chapter 2, 2016) In my modern re-interpretation, there are mythical creatures within landfills.